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Today will be the first day of  max effort upper body.  We want to get to a 3 rep max while maintaining good technique.

http://www.crossfit.com/journal/library/PushpressJan03.pdf   Check you this article from CrossFit Journal about the press and overhead lifts.


Warm Up:

400 m run

Toe touches

Cherry Pickers

Walking super man stretch


Band shoulder stretch and neck stretch, behind the back shoulder stretch, shoulder stretch between the legs.


Shoulder Press


3 Rep Max of Press


3X10 of Weighted Pull Ups

:30 seconds on :30 seconds off of Battle Rope of Each Alternating, Single Arm Heavy, and Double Arm Super Heavy


If you have extra time after accessory work spend the time working on one of the goals you have set.  If you have not set any goals please think of something you want to become better at and ask a coach how to accomplish it.  Oh and put it up on the goal board.  



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