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TEAM WOD –  Courtesy of CrossFit North Wall

In teams of two, complete the following:

WOD #1
EMOM 5:00 Min
5 Deadlifts (225#/135#)
10 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

Each minute, One athlete 1 will perform the 5 deadlifts as athlete 2 performs the 10 box jumps. Athletes switch movements for the next minute. Athlete 2 will perform the 5 deadlifts and athlete 1 performs the 10 box jumps

If both athletes complete their movements within the minute. They will receive the points for the minute.

Score will be the total points of each minute completed. If the team completed all five minutes, their score will be 2+4+6+8+10 = 30 points

3:00 Rest

WOD #2
TABATA 4:00 Minutes for Reps
Wall Balls
Pull Ups

One athlete must perform Wall Balls and the other athlete must perform the Pull Ups. It’s up to the team to decide which athlete performs these movements and how often.
Team score is the total reps.

3:00 Rest

WOD #3
For 5:00 Minutes
250m Row
Plank Hold

One athlete will row 250m while the other athlete holds the Plank position.

If the athlete holding the Plank position drops/breaks, the athlete rowing must stop.

When the athlete rowing reaches 250m, athletes will switch positions.

At the end of 5:00 minutes, you will press “Change Units” to see how many Calories your team rowed. Your team’s score is total Calories rowed.

The teams overall score is: (WOD#1 Points) + (WOD#2 Reps) + (WOD#3 Cals)


Inch Worm 30′ for Form

0:30 Handstand Shoulder Shrug against wall

0:30 Handstand Shoulder Taps against wall

3:00 To Accumulate Max Distance HS Walk


5X1 Snatch @ 80% of 1RM – rest as needed


4 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
7 Hang Cleans (full) 185/125#

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