Are you recovering properly?

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We all want to look better naked, right?  You smash your workouts at 100% effort 100% of the time.  You should skyrocket your way to better results, right?  Wrong.  Relative intensity is a key factor in your success, but so is properly recovering.  What other sport has you going at 100% all year round?  None.

There’s a reason for that.  Over training and over reaching are two completely different things.  Listening to your body is the most important way to determine if you are reaching an over trained state.  It’s easy to fall into a state where we are not functioning optimally.  A couple of HIIT workouts (hint hint, FIT & CrossFit) some lack of sleep, failed proper nutrition and before you know it your cortisol levels are chronically spiking and sending you into a state of over reaching if not over training.

HERE is a fantastic article discussing how to properly recover and properly train when utilizing the types of training we offer.  We LOVE seeing you guys in the gym on a regular and consistent basis, however we don’t want to see you dragging yourself in looking like a zombie barely able to move because its your 9th workout of the week…..On Monday.

Be smart about how you approach your training, listen to your body, drink plenty of fluids, eat a well balanced diet and supplement as needed.   We’ll take care of the rest.  The coaching staff only has control of what you do for one single hour out of 24….It’s up to you not to screw the other 23 up.

Enjoy your training in the gym, but get out there and try new sports and activities such as swimming, running, hiking and backpacking.  A responsible well put together training program coupled with active recovery and proper rest is your key to success.  Don’t let your ego get in the way of your goals!

The next time we see you in the gym, we want to see you happy, healthy and prepared!

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