Better Than Yesterday

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There comes a time in CrossFit when things just start to make sense.  The movements become more familiar, you are able to move more weight in a shorter amount of time and your competitive nature starts to come out….You are becoming fitter!  The feeling of becoming better at what you do is something we all strive for.  Whether it’s in your job, hobby or your fitness, we all strive to improve ourselves.

It is important to remember that in CrossFit, we all had to start somewhere.  Take a moment to jog your memory about the first time you stepped foot in here and I guarantee you it wasn’t that pretty.  It wasn’t that pretty for any of us.  The way you progressed through different movements may or may not have come quicker to you than others.  Your metabolic conditioning and level of strength may or may not have progressed faster than others.  CrossFit is humbling to EVERYONE and if you don’t remember that, I will be more than happy to remind you.

As our box grows, which I think we all couldn’t be happier about, it is important to remember than not everyone progresses at the same level.  EVERYONE has strengths and weaknesses and this is one of the huge reasons that CrossFit is so effective.  CrossFit punishes the specialist and we make every attempt in our programming to keep it as broad as possible.  People have gained friendships both in the box as well as outside the box.  People that are new to CrossFit and new to CrossFit 970 might not have those relationships built yet.  It is important to remember that YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE.  If you think you have reached this elite level of fitness in the 4 months you have been doing CrossFit, you are wrong.  You are especially wrong if you are placing other people in a position where they feel sub standard to you because you may feel more comfortable here.

So the next time you think you are more awesome than someone, let me know how awesome you are and I will be more than happy to remind you that you are not as awesome as you think.  We strive very hard to build a community that is both supportive and provides a fun and competitive atmosphere….Not to establish clicks of “We are better than you.”  The cadre of coaches at CrossFit 970 want each and everyone of you to feel welcomed when you walk in the door.  We also want you to push each other in a competitive environment.  Competition & stress of any kind can bring out some of the best performances of your life, but not at the expense of making someone feel sub standard.

Please take the time to think about where you started in your CrossFit journey and remember that not everyone progresses at the same rate.  If you EVER forget this and feel as though you are at the top of the totem pole, we are more than happy to remind you that there is someone that will ALWAYS be better than you at something.  This is one of the reasons why CrossFit is so great.  There are so many people from such varying backgrounds that we can all learn something from each other.

At CrossFit 970, we want you to become awesome(er) and get better everyday.  We want you to push yourself and push others around you.  Humans are competitive by nature and CrossFit has a sneaky way of bringing out that competition in even those that say “I am not competitive, I really don’t care how I do.”  Embrace this in each other and realize that we are all competing against something.  But also remember, you are not better than anyone else here.

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