December Challenge

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Our November challenge proved to suck in many ways I didn’t expect it to.  It without a doubt required metabolic work capacity and endurance to complete, however, I had no idea how much it would tax your lower extremities.  The first time I stepped up to the jump rope it was with full intention to complete the challenge, I unfortunately failed on the first attempt.  At around 400 double unders my calves locked up and I felt as though the risk vs. reward was not there and abandoned the challenge.  Myself and Tyler Crosby completed the challenge last night and it sucked every bit as much as the 500 “trial”….only times two!  Tyler completed the challenge in 35:39 and won himself a free CrossFit Domo T shirt!  Great job Tyler keep up the good work.

December’s challenge will be another interesting one.  Again, please keep in mind that these challenges are both mentally and physically demanding.  Do not attempt this challenge if you are new to CrossFit or are an out of condition athlete as it will butcher you.  With that in mind the December Challenge is as follows:

RX:  500 box jumps for time 24/20″

Scale I:  300 box jumps for time 24/20″

Scale II:  150 box jumps for time 20/16″

Good luck to everyone who attempts this challenge!  Stay strong and WOD on

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