Fresh Meat Breakdown

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So, I had a chance to run a few numbers regarding WORKOUT I.  The first workout consists of 4 movements: Wall Balls, Kettlebell Swings, Knees To Elbows & Pull Ups.  This is a descending ladder of relatively simple movements.  You will have 10 minutes including transition times to accumulate as many repetitions as possible with each movement decreasing in the total time available.  Grip strength will not play a factor until the last 3 minutes….But believe me, after 3 minutes of max kettlebell swings your grip is going to be potentially smoked.

The crux of this workout for most people is going to be the pull ups followed closely by knees to elbows.  If you do not have a kipping pull up or pull up period, you are essentially are looking at a 9:00 workout with the last two minutes being extremely demanding on grip strength.  At a quick glance one would think that it is necessary to go “balls to the wall” on every single movement as each one is seemingly a max effort.  You need to remember that we all have a “red line” in CrossFit and if you go past this point early in the workout, there isn’t a lot of time to recover from it.

Based on this factor, I have compiled as much data as I could (and thanks to Gina, a little sneak peak into how people performed on this exact workout.)  There are 10:00 or 600 seconds in this workout.  Based on averages pulled from Beyond The Whiteboard the average time that you need to perform a single repetition is 4 seconds which ends up being 15 repetitions per minute.  At the end of the 10:00 workout you will have accumulated 150 total repetitions.  Based off of the data pulled for this exact workout, that puts you near the top of the leader board.  The high score posted Rx for this workout was 161 and the low being 100 for the Women.  I have not yet compiled any data for the men…As of this writing none of our Male athletes that I know of have signed up to compete.

This all depends on the fact that you have both knees to elbows and pull ups.  If you don’t have pull ups and you stick to the one rep every 4 seconds rule, you will still end up accumulating 120 total repetitions.  If you do not have knees to elbows it drops your score to 105.  You will need to choose your strategy wisely based on whether or not you have the ability to perform these movements.   If you do not have pull ups, reducing your total time available to accumulate 150 repetitions to 9:00 you would need to complete one repetition every 3.2 seconds.  Without knees to elbows you would need to complete one repetition every 2.8 seconds….Both of these numbers are highly unlikely.

Ideally, we need to stick to the goal of one repetition every 4 seconds leading into the pull ups giving us a score of 120.  People tend to do amazing things when they are placed in competition and we can hope that during the last minute we are able to squeeze in at least a few more reps giving us a score of around 125-130.  This still puts you in the top third of the leader board for the first workout and leaves plenty enough of a cushion to stay there for the other two workouts.

Ok, enough geeking out for a bit. I’ll be back with more ideas based on the strengths and weakness of each of the people participating in the Fresh Meat in the near future….



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