Fresh Meat

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The 1st workout & floater is up for the “Fresh Meat” competition!  I haven’t had a lot of time to break this down, but there will be plenty to come in the near future.  If you are competing in this upcoming competition, we will need to set up some strategies and work on some movement proficiencies with you guys based on your strengths & weakness.  At any point prior to this competition if you want to come in and work on some of this skills and break these bad boys down, please don’t hesitate to ask….We are here for you guys and are ready to give you as much guidance and coaching as you want or need.

Workout number 1 is….

4 minute max rep wall ball (20/14#)

3 minute max rep kettlebell swing (55/35)

2 minute max rep knee to elbow

1 minute max rep pull up

*This will be a continuous running clock.  Score is total number of repetitions accumulated in the 10 minutes.


Row- as much distance as possible in 2 minutes

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