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As the end of the year draws closer and closer, I want to talk to all of you about starting to track your progress. A lot of you have been asking if I personally track all of your progress. To answer your question, yes and no. I have a general idea of where most of you are for specific movements or where to scale certain movements. I however, have no idea what each of your 1RM back squat is or what your last Angie time was.

It is imperative that each and everyone of you keep some sort of training journal. We have contracted a company to provide hard copy journals for purchase. A sample log book should be arriving at the box shortly for you to take a look at and see if it is something you would like to purchase. These log books will be offered to our athletes at cost and will probably run around $17 per journal. They are pretty big and have ample space for plenty of WOD tracking. They also provide space for benchmark workouts as well as barbell lift records. This option is nice for people because they can bring it with them to the box and the information is readily available.

For those of you that prefer an online option, CrossFit Domo uses beyond the whiteboard for athlete tracking. Our affiliate is offered 10 free memberships to the website and I believe we have about 7 remaining. On the home page of our website there is a banner on the bottom of the page with a link to their website. It is a little tricky at first to learn how to build workouts into the database, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy. This thing is amazing! It is without a doubt the largest online database for CrossFit athletes. The amount of information this thing spits out at you is unreal. This method is great for seeing previous progress on certain workouts or movements and will graph and trend your progress for each. There is also a built in food journal as well as personal journal. You have the ability to see where you stand against people in our box as well as the rest of the CrossFit world. Keep in mind that some people that build in workouts to beyond the whiteboard may not do it correctly which has the potential to place them extremely high on the leader board. If you use this option, and notice that you might be in 5,242nd place for something like Fran, don’t get discouraged as this information may not be truly accurate. This option is great for people who prefer online tracking but it does require to you pre plan for your workouts by looking up the necessary information prior to coming in for a WOD.

Both options are a viable way to track your progress. Remember, CrossFit is observable, measurable and repeatable. If we don’t have a way to track it we can neither observe, measure or repeat our progress. If you want to give beyond the whiteboard a try, let me know either in the comments or by letting one of the trainers aware of your desire to use the beyond the whiteboard.

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