Yeah, it’s that tough!

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I used to get mad when people would sign up for a membership, come a couple of times and then I would never see from them again.  I couldn’t understand why someone would do such a thing.  Was I a terrible coach?  Did people hate me?  Was I doing something wrong?  Did people just not like me as a coach?

It took me a while to realize that it was none of the above.  I have been coaching long enough to know the programming and coaching we provide has value.  If you stick with us long enough, we WILL make you better….both physically and mentally.  Then why do some people show up a few times and never come back?  Because what we provide is HARD.  The programs and coaching we offer does not come with a sit down and a cup of tea.  It comes with a puddle of sweat and some swear words.

The programming and coaching we provide, while it CAN be fore EVERYONE, it isn’t necessarily always for everyone.  What we do in here day in and day out is tough.  A membership with us provides tremendous value.  You get small group training, personal coaching and individual attention all for less than throwing down a Benjamin a month.

What do you get in return?  If you train at our gym, you already know exactly what you get.  Our dedicated staff is here to help you reach your goals.  Sometimes that means going outside your comfort zone….but honestly isn’t that where life really starts?

People don’t always follow through with their commitment here.  It gets hard, tough, uncomfortable and they quit.  Trust me, the last thing I EVER want anyone to do is quit, but thats just how it is.  Some people don’t always have the dedication to make it, and thats just the reality of it.  They weren’t going to make it here anyway.

We give you an entire week FREE to see what we are about.  At the end of your week, we hope your ready for more!  We want you to be ready for more.  Our goal is to make you better and if you give us enough time, we WILL make you better!

Dig deep, it’s going to be tough, but that’s just the way we like it.

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